Leendert van Doorn

You have hit upon my personal website where I keep my musings, publications, CV and other bits of information I want to share.

Paramecium: Curious about the name? It is a fresh water protozoan but also the name of an operating system I built as part of my doctoral thesis. At the time it was a cute pun on Amoeba, a system I had worked on before my own. By the time I was no longer a starving student and decided to setup my own domain name (back in 1998) this was one of the few names that was still available.

About me: I am a Senior Fellow at AMD where I run the software technology office and system manageability organization. I'm responsible for taking forward looking software concepts and driving them into our silicon, in particular I own the corporate technology strategy for virtualization, manageability and security. On top of that I'm also responsible for the manageability development organization. Before I joined AMD, I spent almost 9 years at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center where I worked on (secure) platform foundations and virtualization.

Contact me: The best way to get a hold of me is to send email to If you are looking for my PGP key, it is available here.

Office picture
A day in the office: experimenting with a new piece of equipment.